Virtual Community

GEARS project has introduced a virtual community as an interactive suppliment to the web-based services that are provided through the Strategy Blueprint web site.  These virtual community services is based on a platform called the Virtual Community Platform (VCP). The virtual community services that you find in this site is uniquely developed for the GEARS initiative and can be modified to match user preferences and services to be developed during the GEARS project timespan.

Participation in the GEARS virtual community is possible for all registered guests and users who are all given free access to the service platforms and all its basic user facilities. As a company manager or other persons interested in strategic planning  you can make use of available information resources, interact with others as well as make active usage of the advisory and mentor services available within this community environment. In most occasions it is sufficient with the basic user facilities that a guest membership provides you with.

In order to make more extensive use of the community environment in the capacity of a mentor, advisor or service provider it may be an advantage to upgrade the initially provided guest-membership to a higher membership level.

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