This project seeks to improve competitiveness of the Mechanical Engineering sector in France, Italy, Sweden and the UK by ensuring that senior / owner managers in engineering SMEs will be supported in developing strategic plans for their own companies.  It will also influence the creation of modified vocational training systems by developing and demonstrating successful methodologies for the delivery, support (using industry mentors) and e-accreditation of informal learning in the workplace.

This is a multi-partner pan-European project which seeks to tackle skill shortages in the engineering sector which have been identified both in EU research and specifically in research carried out in Yorkshire and the Humber, supported by the Regional Development Agency, Yorkshire Forward.

It will build human resource capacity in SMEs by increasing the strategic skills of the senior / owner managers and managing directors.   To achieve this it will promote learner-centred (and business-centred approaches) through the use, not only of an electronic tool, but more importantly by the recognition of informal learning and the creation of a supported virtual learning community within the sector and the target groups.

Objectives and activities:

  • Development of Quality Assured Methodologies for e-learning and e-mentoring
  • Adaptation and implementation of a well-established pan-EU virtual platform to provide support to engineering managers
  • Development and implementation of on-line accreditation to demonstrate competencies achieved simply by using the SB
  • Collection of Case Studies for illustration as part of the tool and for dissemination.
  • Development of Strategy Blueprint (SB) for use in France, Italy and Sweden

Dissemination will be on-going throughout the duration of the project and beyond so that potential users will be able to understand how to become involved in the project, to see the business benefits of participation and how to access material, support, new methodologies etc.