Why you should join the GEARS virtual community
You can improve your strategic planning capabilities and your organisation's strategic plans
GEARS virtual community is built around a unique strategic planning support service, called Strategy Blueprint. This management support tool is available both online as well as from a CD from which you can download it into your own computer. The added value generated by the GEARS community is to enable you to interact both with others making use of this tool, as well as interact with strategic planning specialists and mentors who can assist you while you are developing or refining your organisation's stategic plan.
You can also reach other information resource materials on strategic planning from the GEAR community services.
You can communicate, network and collaborate with professionals interested in strategic planning
GEARS virtual community supports all forms of communication both one-to-one, one-to-group, as well as one-to-many.
     ¤ Asynchronous communication: e-mail, instant messaging, discussion forums, ask questions to experts, and more
     ¤ Synchronous communication: text chat, voice chat, videoconference, and more.
GEARS community helps you make your voice heard across the community in whatever form you are most comfortable with.
GEARS community is the perfect area to expand your enterprise management network. You will find both enterprise managers as well as specialist in strategic planning within this community. GEARS community gives you your own information card where you can present yourself with photo, contact data, description, and more. GEARS community promotes informal learning among professionals and enables you to know new members directly and indirectly. You can easily search or browse for particular membership groups and specialims. You can arrange your newly found contacts in lists to easily keep in touch with them. The more a member is active in the GEAR community the more the member is promoted within the community.
You can collaborate one-to-one with another member using many different kinds of communication and collaboration tools. You can also collaborate between several people in a group service. In addition, with GEARS community membership you also get free access to Leonardo Virtual Community and many other VCP-based communities where further services and contacts can be acquired.